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Novi broj e-časopisa European Journal of American Studies -- EJAS: Vol 11, no 3 | 2017 Special Issue: Re-Queering The Nation: America's Queer Crisis is available and can be found in full here: https://ejas.revues.org/11872


Individual articles may be accessed by following the full text links below.

   - *Francisco Costa*
   Introduction: America?s Queer Past, Present, and Future
   <https://ejas.revues.org/11872> [Full text]
   - Part One: Queer spaces, places and temporalities
      - *Victoria Carroll*
      Profit, Porn, and Protease Inhibitors: Ronnie Burk?s Radical Activism
      in ?Post-AIDS? San Francisco <https://ejas.revues.org/11691> [Full
      Document 1
      - *Linda M. Hess*
       ?My whole life I?ve been dressing up like a man?: Negotiations of
      Queer Aging and Queer Temporality in the TV Series *Transparent*
      <https://ejas.revues.org/11702> [Full text]
      Document 2
      - *Clayton Dillard*
      Un-quaring San Francisco in *Milk *and *Test*
      <https://ejas.revues.org/11714> [Full text]
      Document 3
      - *Eleonora Sammartino*
      Challenging ?La Vie Boh?me?: Community, Subculture, and Queer
      Temporality in *Rent* <https://ejas.revues.org/11720> [Full text]
      Document 4
      - *Jan Huebenthal*
      Un/Detectability in Times of ?Equality?: HIV, Queer Health, and
      Homonormativity <https://ejas.revues.org/11729> [Full text]
      Document 5
      - Part Two: Queer time
      - *Katalin Kis*
      The American Dream of Authentic Personhood: Homosexuality, Class, and
      the Normative Individual in U.S. Queer Male Impostor Films (1970-2009)
      <https://ejas.revues.org/11740> [Full text] Document 6
      - *Kyle Joseph Campbell*
      - Walking With the Ghost: Sodomy, Sanity and the Secular in Charles
      Brockden Brown?s *Edgar Huntly* <https://ejas.revues.org/11750> [Full
      - *Jason R. D?Aoust*
      The Queer Voices of Xavier Dolan?s *Mommy*
      <https://ejas.revues.org/11755> [Full text]
      Document 8
      - *Nikola Stepić*
      AIDS, Caregiving and Kinship: The Queer ?Family? in Bill
Sherwood?s *Parting
      Glances* <https://ejas.revues.org/11761> [Full text]
      Document 9
      - *Constantine Chatzipapatheodoridis*
      Strike a Pose, Forever: The Legacy of Vogue and its
      Re-contextualization in Contemporary Camp Performances
      <https://ejas.revues.org/11771> [Full text]
      Document 10
      - *Jennifer Miller*
      Queering the Virgin: Evangelical World-Making and the Heterosexual
      Crisis <https://ejas.revues.org/11818> [Full text]
      Document 11

   - Part Three: Queer times
      - *Marco Morini*
      Same-Sex Marriage and Other Moral Taboos: Cultural Acceptances,
      Change in American Public Opinion and the Evidence from the Opinion
      <https://ejas.revues.org/11824> [Full text]
      Document 12
      - *Elena Kiesling*
      The Missing Colors of the Rainbow: Black Queer Resistance
      <https://ejas.revues.org/11830> [Full text]
      Document 13
      - *Elizabeth Lowry*
       ?Sincerely Held Religious Beliefs?: Media Representation and
      Rhetorical Strategy During Arizona?s SB 1062 Controversy
      <https://ejas.revues.org/11836> [Full text]
      Document 14
      - Part Four: Queer utopias
      - *Marion Christina Rohrleitner*
      Refusing the Referendum: Queer Latino Masculinities and Utopian
      Citizenship in Justin Torres? *We the Animals*
      <https://ejas.revues.org/11856> [Full text]
      Document 15
      - *Jonathan Mitchell*
      The Empty Child: Dystopian Innocence and Samuel Delany?s *Hogg*
      <https://ejas.revues.org/11775> [Full text]
      Document 16
      - *Ximena Keogh Serrano*
      Dreaming a Radical Citizenship: How Undocumented Queers in the United
      States Configure Sites of Belonging and *Being* through Art and Media
      Technologies <https://ejas.revues.org/11863> [Full text]
      Document 17
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