‘The Power to Punish’ Elise Wang (Princeton University)

Javno predavanje, American Studies Colloquium

16.11.2015 14:15
Pozivamo Vas da prisustvujete javnom predavanju u ponedjeljak, 23.11.2015. u 18:00h; Amfiteatar A2; Filozofski fakultet u Tuzli; Organizuje i moderira: prof. dr. Damir Arsenijević

Sažetak predavanja:

Clarice Lispector wrote: “There is no right to punish. There is only the power to punish.” Punishment may in fact be the originary power: one must claim the power to punish – to inflict pain in response to transgression – in order to hold any other kind of power. Thus, how a society understands punishment gets to the heart of its conception of its people, its world, and itself. This lecture will explore how thinkers – medieval to modern – have understood the theory and practice of punishment. I will address historical theories in order to construct the genealogy of our present understanding, much of which lies hidden under assumptions we no longer perceive.
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